Why Participate as an Exhibitor?

Do business

Africa’s Travel Indaba has a long-standing reputation for bringing the entire leisure tourism industry together in a warm and engaging fashion, while still maintain the value of business connections. The show attracts quality buyers who are specifically interested in destination Africa, from around the world, provide market access and exposure for our carefully curated African product. Our exhibitors who participate at the show are there by design, as they meet the quality metrics that buyers are seeking. These buyers undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they credible decision-makers who have the propensity to bring business to Africa.

Our online diary and matchmaking system is globally bench-marked and encompasses technology and innovation that is superior. This, coupled with a dedicated and accessible team, ensures that quality meetings take place between exhibitors and buyers. Our mobile APP is your guide to the show, with all the latest tips, tricks and information available in the palm of your hand.

Our knowledgeable and savvy sales advisory team are on standby to assist you pre, during and after the show. We guarantee a seamless process for the best participation options that suit your needs. We want to ensure that you receive a tangible return on your investment. This year, we have provided you, as our valued exhibitors with the opportunity to recommend buyers you would like us to invite to participate. This is a further step we have taken to collaborate more closely with our exhibitors to ensure that only the best buyers participate at the show.

Network with industry colleagues

Africa’s Travel Indaba enables an environment that is conducive for networking with buyers and industry colleagues, the world over. While the diary system affords a formal engagement platform, you can engage delegates informally during our official events, as well as during the course of the show. Our show organisers take pride in delivering a professional platform which is engaging and truly representative of an authentically African tourism culture. You get to experience and contribute towards showcasing a truly unique African experience which is only found at Africa’s Travel Indaba.

As a valued exhibitor, you can attend our extensive programme of official events such as our welcome networking event, media showcase events, awards ceremony and community building activities such as our fun run. There are added touchpoints providing opportunities for you to leverage your brand through advertising and sponsorships.

Learn more about the industry

Our BONDay is a carefully crafted platform that stimulates meaningful conversations and depth of insights. This contributes to the learning and development of all who attend. The seminars address pertinent issues and is as a catalyst for innovation and transformation. Our industry experts and motivational speakers make this a memorable event.

How to Exhibit - Step-by-step guide

Get the Facts and Prepare

Before submitting your application, please take some time to familiarise yourself with the following:

  • Criteria to Exhibit are set by South African Tourism to ensure that products showcased at the exhibition are of the highest quality and broadly represented.
  • If you are considering sharing your space with other complimentary products, be sure to read through Managing Sharing Exhibitors. It is the responsibility of main stand holder to ensure that all requirements are met for those products on their stand.
  • Rates Schedule and Options available – we have some exciting booth options for Africa’s Travel Indaba to maximise your participation.
  • Floor Plans - the floor plans are available for you to view and accept your stand placement upon confirmation of exhibitor applications.
  • To maximize your participation, please clearly specify your stand request on your application.

Registering for Your Own Stand

Your application to exhibit at Africa’s Travel Indaba is made up of 5 sections:

  1. Company and Contact Details – basic company information for all future communications
  2. Invoicing Details – invoicing contact and payment deadlines.
  3. Stand Requirements – size, dimensions, location, and optional (excl. 9m² stands) shell scheme package.
    This is used as a guide when placing exhibitors as requested space at Africa’s Travel Indaba is not always guaranteed.
  4. Participation Information – this is required to support your application and submission to exhibit.
  5. Comments – address your concerns or requests to the Organisers or the Selection committee.

Please complete each section thoroughly to assist the selection committee in meeting your requirements where possible.

Adding Sharing Exhibitors

Main stand holders will only be able to add their sharing exhibitors in their Exhibitor Zone once the main stand holder's contract has been signed and their status on the Africa’s Travel Indaba website reflects confirmed.

Please note main exhibitors are required to list all their sharing partners on the Africa’s Travel Indaba website before sharing partners can complete their individual applications.

Please note all sharing companies are also required to be part of the travel and tourism trade industry to qualify. In order to ensure the calibre and relevance of the sharing exhibitor, a strict set of criteria has to be met, prior to approval for participation is granted. Each sharing exhibitor added will be at a cost or ZAR 1 315.46 (including VAT) to the Main Exhibitor.

Criteria to Exhibit

All applications will go through a selection process. South African Tourism appoints a Selection Committee, comprising of industry representatives and provincial authorities, to review and accredit applications received. This is to ensure fair and equal representation of the many tourism products offered by our country.

All applicants must fulfil the following basic criteria to participate at Africa’s Travel Indaba.

  • The applicant must be debt free to South African Tourism and Synergy Business Events (Pty) Ltd.
  • As Africa’s Travel Indaba is aimed at the International Buyer, the applicant must have an international marketing plan as well as a valid brochure and STO (Standard Tour Operator), Rack and Net rates which the Selection Committee reserves the right to view on request.
  • The applicant must belong to at least one of the accredited tourism associations or their local tourism bureau.
  • The applicant must have the necessary trade licenses, tourist guide registrations and passenger and or public liability insurance, which the selection committee reserves the right to review on request.
  • The applicant must be a registered South African taxpayer, if operating from South Africa.

Main Stand Holders and Outdoor Exhibits

  • This category of exhibitor submits an application for his / her OWN stand.
  • Main stand holders may choose to “share”, co-exhibit or allocate parts of the total space booked to complimentary products. Each sharing exhibitor added will be at a cost of ZAR 1 315.46 (including VAT) to the main exhibitor.
  • Applicants may choose to have an indoor stand as well as an outdoor stand OR one or the other. Please note there are certain space restrictions if taking both options.

Sharing Exhibitors

  • Sharing exhibitors may NOT apply directly with the organisers on the website.
  • They must make arrangements with the main stand holder and complete their applications.
  • The main stand holder is then to go to the Africa’s Travel Indaba website and add sharing exhibitors that they have elected to participate on their stand.
  • Main stand holders must add their sharing exhibitors' names on their application once the main stand holder's space has been confirmed.
  • All sharing exhibitor applications need to be completed online by the contact person listed by the main stand holder once they have been added by the main stand holder.
  • In order to ensure the calibre and relevance of the sharing exhibitor, a strict set of criteria has to be met before approval for participation is granted.
  • The sharing exhibitor must be debt free to South African Tourism and Synergy Business Events (Pty) Ltd.

Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI’s)

  • HDI's include all individuals who were discriminated against in South Africa, in terms of legislation or practice, before the first democratic election that took place in 1994 and includes black, coloured, Indian, disabled and all female people in South Africa.
  • All first time HDI applicants must apply to their local Provincial Tourism Authority directly.
  • HDI's / SMME's, who have exhibited at Africa’s Travel Indaba before and wish to apply for their own stand, may do so.

African Countries

  • South African Tourism invites members throughout Africa to participate at Africa’s Travel Indaba.
  • Each African exhibitor must be based in Africa with an office in one of the African countries. Placement and stand allocation will be done on a first come, first placement basis.
  • No individual stands will be granted to individual products, unless the company operates across a number of countries. This will still be dependent on space availability.
  • African countries may be restricted to space allocations at the discretion of South African Tourism pending demand for space from local products.


Museums, Media Publications and Publicity Associations must exhibit with their Local Government Tourism Associations or companies they are affiliated with.

Every effort will be made to meet the requirements of each applicant but please be aware that this is not always possible due to space restrictions.

Further to this, stand locations on the floor plan cannot be guaranteed. South African Tourism together with the National Selection Committee reserve the right to place stands at their discretion for the benefit of the exhibition as a whole.

Managing Sharing Exhibitors

Main stand holders, who wish to share their space with other complimentary products or wish to add more than one member of their group, must do the following:

  • Ensure that each sharing exhibitor is added (correctly) on to his / her application form individually.
  • It is the main stand holder's responsibility to ensure that each sharing exhibitor added has completed their registration / application form.
  • The main stand holder is liable to pay the sharing registration fee of ZAR 1 315.46 (including VAT) per sharing exhibitor.
  • Communicate stand participation details and costs to their sharing product where applicable.
  • Complete all the service forms pertaining to their stand.
  • Allocate the allowed number of name badges to all their sharing representatives at their discretion.
  • Ensure that all information relating to Africa’s Travel Indaba is communicated to their sharing products.
  • Take full responsibility for the requirements of their sharing product.
  • Sharing exhibitors need to negotiate the cost of their participation with their main stand holder and all payments must be made directly to the main stand holder.
  • The main stand holder will be invoiced for all their sharing exhibitors' requirements i.e. name badges and services.
  • In order to ensure the calibre and relevance of the sharing exhibitor, a strict set of criteria has to be met before approval for participation is granted.
  • The sharing exhibitor must be debt free to South African Tourism and Synergy Business Events (Pty) Ltd.
  • A maximum of 1 sharer is permitted for every 9sqm space booked.

This sharing registration fee of ZAR 1 315.46 (including VAT) ensures that all sharing exhibitors receive:

  • Standard Exhibitor listing on the Africa’s Travel Indaba website.
  • Standard Exhibitor listing in the official Africa’s Travel Indaba Catalogue if the sharing exhibitor's application has been completed before the given deadline
  • Copy of the Africa’s Travel Indaba Trade Catalogue.
  • Access to the Exhibitor Zone on the Africa’s Travel Indaba website for downloading of necessary documents and information pertinent to participation.
  • Online diary for facilitating appointment bookings.
  • Added to Africa’s Travel Indaba Exhibitor database to receive all newsflashes and event communications.

Main stand holders will be invoiced for all registered sharing products requiring the above services and not the individual sharing company.


Payment Term Options

Invoices will be issued upon receipt of stand acceptance which is a binding digitally signed contract. Invoices will be emailed in PDF format from our accounts department. An original copy of the invoice will also be posted to all confirmed main stand holders on request.

Payment Terms:

  • Early bird payment due by 15 March 2024

These payment terms do not apply to the early bird discount

  • 40% deposit due on receipt of tax invoice
  • 40% payment due by 29 March 2024
  • 20% final payment due by 26 April 2024
    These payment terms do not apply to the early bird discount

Cancellation Terms:

  • 3 months prior to the show (on or after 07 February 2024) – 50% cancellation fee
  • 3 months or less before the show (on or after 08 February 2024) – 100% cancellation fee

Should you have any queries regarding these payment terms please do not hesitate to contact Christinah Ratsoma at Synergy Business Events (Pty) Ltd on accounts@indaba-southafrica.co.za or +27 11 476 5104.

Bank Account Details

All payments are to be made to Synergy Business Events (Pty) Ltd the exhibition management company, on behalf of trading as South African Tourism Exhibitions.

Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Rosebank
Branch Code: 210554
Account Name: Synergy Business Events (Pty) Ltd
Account Number: 62744746332

* Exhibitors to use their invoice number and their stand number as their payment reference

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card payments will be accepted. A form will be made available at time of confirmation for easy processing.

Queries on invoicing and payments can be directed to Christinah Ratsoma on accounts@indaba-southafrica.co.za.